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Live Trane(7CD) 已經發行

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註冊時間: 2008-08-10
文章: 11154

發表發表於: 2001/10/18 17:23:04    文章主題: Live Trane(7CD) 已經發行  收進你的MyShare個人書籤 引言回覆


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註冊時間: 2008-08-10
文章: 11154

發表發表於: 2001/11/06 02:13:04    文章主題: Re: Live Trane(7CD) 已經發行  收進你的MyShare個人書籤 引言回覆

honeypie 寫到:


AMG EXPERT REVIEW: The seven-CD set Live Trane expands upon
Pablo's earlier CDs of John Coltrane recorded during his
European tours between 1961 and 1963, including all of The
Paris Concert, Bye Bye Blackbird, The European Tour, and
Afro Blue Impressions, and supplementing them with extra
songs from most of these concerts. Of the 37 tracks, 19
have not previously appeared commercially (except on a
number of European bootleg labels with sound ranging from
barely acceptable to horrendous), and a 1961 Hamburg
concert with Eric Dolphy makes its debut here. A number of
titles are repeated throughout the set — six takes of "My
Favorite Things" and five versions of both "Impressions"
and "Mr. P.C.," along with four takes of "Naima" — but
true Coltrane fans will marvel at the differences between
them from one concert to the next. Coltrane plays at a
consistently high level throughout each performance,
whether delivering a blistering tenor sax solo on "Blue
Train" or sharing his lush side with the tender ballad "
Naima." Naturally, the highlights are the numerous versions
of "My Favorite Things," featuring Coltrane's adventurous
work on soprano sax. But these live versions have an even
greater energy than the landmark studio recording,
particularly those with the addition of Dolphy on flute.
Coltrane rarely ventures away from the mic during his
furious solos, and pianist McCoy Tyner and bassist Jimmy
Garrison are frequently barely audible during many of the
performances, obviously due to the often cavernous venues
that didn't necessarily lend themselves to making records,
yet the sound is greatly improved over earlier issues of
this material. Elvin Jones' powerful drumming serves as a
catalyst throughout the entire set. Coltrane and his
musicians are clearly inspired by the enthusiastic
audiences who witnessed the making of this music. This is
an essential set for Coltrane fans.

— Ken Dryden

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