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Belle & Sebastian Singles Compilation Out in May

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註冊時間: 2006-11-02
文章: 357

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01 Dog On Wheels
02 The State I Am In
03 String Bean Jean
04 Belle and Sebastian
05 Lazy Line Painter Jane
06 You Made Me Forget My Dreams
07 A Century Of Elvis
08 Photo Jenny
09 A Century Of Fakers
10 Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie
11 Beautiful
12 Put The Book Back On The Shelf

01 This Is Just A Modern Rock Song
02 I Know Where The Summer Goes
03 The Gate
04 Slow Graffiti
05 Legal Man
06 Judy Is A Dickslap
07 Winter Wooskie
08 Jonathan David
09 Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It
10 The Loneliness Of The Middle Distance Runner
11 I'm Waking Up To Us
12 I Love My Car
13 Marx & Engels
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