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註冊時間: 2006-11-02
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發表發表於: 2001/05/22 00:00:09    文章主題: 雷蒙和性手槍  收進你的MyShare個人書籤 引言回覆

稍微翻了了一下這一期SPIN和Rolling Stone,




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註冊時間: 2006-11-02
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發表發表於: 2001/05/22 02:31:18    文章主題: Re: 雷蒙和性手槍  收進你的MyShare個人書籤 引言回覆

leppard 寫到:

1.Ramones比Sex Pistols早約四年

2.當然是Ramones影響Sex Pistols,他們看了Ramones英國的巡演才決定組團

3.Clash的部分我不敢講,但Sex Pistols的部份已蓋棺論定

經紀人 - 藝人 - 影響來源
Malcolm McLaren - Sex Pistols - Ramones/Richard Hell
苗秀麗/張小燕 - 小虎隊 - 日本少年隊

應該就可以了解Sex Pistols大概是一個什麼樣運作模式下的產物
相反地,你可以數出至少幾十個團體受到Sex Pistols的啟發

可以看看Malcolm McLaren的部分
說穿了,性槍就是經紀人Malcolm McLaren試圖把他對紐約punk的迷戀

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註冊時間: 2006-11-02
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發表發表於: 2001/05/27 01:38:29    文章主題: Re: 雷蒙和性手槍  收進你的MyShare個人書籤 引言回覆

我在sex pistols的網站上找到篇對Steve Jones的訪問

This interview was printed in the swedish newspaper "EXPRESSEN" on July 23

Who formed Sex Pistols?
-Paul and I about 18 months ago. Glen Matlock worked in Malcolms store and he
played bass. We met Johnny sometimes and one day we let him sing to the
juke-box. That was the beginning.

What where you doing at that time? Did you work?
- No, not me. Neither did johnny. Glen worked with Malcolm and Paul worked at
a brewery, i think.

What made you form a group?
- It was something to do.

Yes, but why a group?
- I think it was the New York Dolls who turned me on the idea. I saw them at a
Faces concert and i had never seen anything like that. They where musically
lousy, but very interresting, extremely crazy.

Who supplied you with the musicgear?
- Glen had a bass. I stole my guitar and Paul his drumset.

- It would have taken to much time saving all the money you need to buy a
guitar and a drumset, besides it’s more exciting to steel.

What background do you have?
- Workingclass. My mom’s hairdresser, i don’t know what my dad’s doing. He
threw me out when I was 16.

- I didn’t want to work.

Why didn’t you want to work?
- No, it’s worthless. I worked as a windowcleaner a while, worked my ass of.
And when the salary came, you went out and spend it all on parties.

How did you survive then?
- I lived with firends.

Tell me more about Sex Pistols.
- In the beginning we played some old Small Faces-songs, because they were
easy. After 2 months did we play at a univesity and was thrown off the stage,
they cut the electricity after 15 minutes. We were a former act to Roogalator,
and thats when the guy from 100 club heard us. He offerd us a gig once a week.
In the beginning there were a little audience, but as time flew by it came
more and more people to our gigs.

What was Malcolm McLarens part? Many has said that you’re his creation.
- He’s our manager, thats all. He has nothing with our music or attitude to
do. He got us the contract with EMI and ...well... he’s a good manager!

Why did you get sacked from EMI?
- The management hated us. Many people at EMI liked us, but not the manegement.
Unbelievable, we got money without doing anything.

Who played on "Anarchy in the U.K"?
- We did! Anything else is bullshit. Do you really think that Chris Spedding,
John Wetton and Bill Bruford would have been able to play like that?

You got a recorddeal with A&M, and I have heard lots of roumors about the
reason you’ve being sacked from them.
- It isn’t true that we pissed on any chief. But I have heard that Peter
Frampton threatend to leave A&M if we stayed. But I don’t know excactly why we
were sacked, thats a mystery!

Why did you replace Glen Matlock with Sid Vicious?
- Glen liked Beatles.

It couldn’t be just for that.
- Yes, all the rest of us hate Beatles. And it showed that Glen loved them. He
came with a lot of Beatles influed accords and tunes that I couldn’t play.
Besides we didn’t get along with his that good either. Sid has by a way always
gone with the band.
But he coudn’t play.
- No but he’s learning

Without doing anything but saying filthy words on television, you were
frontline news, wasn’t that weird
- Yes, after that TV-show every englishman knew who we were, but not how we
sounded. And we are worried of how the audience will react. What do they think
of us? Do they think that we should be the best in the world? We are only ...well... as we

Who has influed you musically?
- I don’t know. I have never owned a record player.

You must have liked someone.
- Well...(he thinks for a long time)...who have I liked? Yes, Faces. Faces was
always fun to see, did always make a great show. And also New York Dolls of
course, The Doors most Jim Morrison and Iggys "Raw Power".

What about your violent image then?
- Exploited by the press. It’s a fucking joke damn it. It’s chocking that
noone has realised that the violence and the swastikas is a joke.

When is your first LP being relesed?
- In the end of August, there is some guitarparts that needs some work.

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註冊時間: 2007-01-20
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發表發表於: 2008/10/12 21:22:42    文章主題:  收進你的MyShare個人書籤 引言回覆

看看 end of the century这部电影
里面提到了 很多
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